Contact The Honey Do List Guy if you want your job done well


My husband is The Honey Do List Guy. He does excellent work, meticulously and quietly, and cleans up after himself.  
One designer told her client, He is a consummate perfectionist, a phenomenal carpenter and pays attention to the details like no one I have ever seen.  He is also a superb tile setter.  He is way more than just a "honey do list guy."  He is really pleasant, personable and always returns phone calls.

Clients who "audition" him on small jobs typically ask him to return for larger remodel projects (bathrooms and kitchens).   

His spatial skills are nearly off the charts (he was tested in Boston, and was one of the highest they'd ever seen).  That helps him do tricky fitting jobs – for example, he installed a 25” sink in a 24” cabinet (I still don’t know how he did that).  He installed a dryer once, where he had to take the dryer completely apart to get it in the doorway – the client was amazed; she had measured that door, and knew the dryer wouldn’t fit.   When I wanted the cooktop in the island in the middle of the kitchen, he figured out how to run the downdraft through the floor to the outside wall. 

He's slightly obsessive about making everything fit properly.  That means he isn't the fastest installer in the area, but what he installs, fits, and works.

This is especially evident in his tile and custom cabinet installations, where everything lines up, even though the walls and floors he starts with aren't level or plumb. (See the Gallery for photo-stories of his kitchen and bath remodels.)

My husband guarantees his work, so it has to be solid. When he remodels a bath or kitchen, he tears out till he gets to solid substrate (if the current room has leaks, this is typically to subfloors and studs) - his result is as close to perfect as he can make it.

When I need something done, I want it done well. I want quality materials and supplies. I want the repair to be solid and to look good. I want a workman who will do the job right, so it will last.

If you feel the same way, and you have a room to remodel, you need my husband – The Honey Do List Guy! 

One more thing: when my husband is working on your job, that’s all he’s working on. The phone number listed here goes to me - I’m the one talking on the phone and scheduling the jobs.  He’ll be focusing on your job till it's complete.

Is there something we can do to help you? Call and leave a voicemail, or email us, and we'll get back to you ASAP.

— “Honey”